Hostelling: What to do, what not to do

In some of my earlier blogs I’ve told you why I think hostels are the best places to stay while you’re travelling and some of the things you can expect to experience. The people you meet generally have the biggest impact on your stay, whether that’s good or bad. But you also affect their time as well. Things that you think are perfectly acceptable can be incredibly annoying to your fellow travellers. And that goes for the hostels themselves too. There’s a few basic things you expect from the place where you’re staying, things that are often seriously lacking. You all have your own ideas about what should (and shouldn’t) happen in a hostel so here are mine. Starting with…


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The ‘Horror’ of Hostels

Hostel on a gloomy street
Photo from my friend Kris Rawson, check out his travel experiences

A lot of people have preconceived ideas about staying in a hostel, especially dorm rooms (some of which are justified). However, I’ve spent most of my travelling life sleeping in hostels and they’re the prefect place to stay. People have a lot of different concerns about using hostels. It usually centres around their stuff getting stolen, being used to the comfort of hotels or panicking about having to share with four or five strangers. Having slept in a 20 bed dorm I can tell you it’s not as bad as you’d think. (more…)

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