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Three hiking routes in Benidorm that are perfect for families

The east coast of sunny Spain is the perfect place to enjoy hiking as a family. With warm temperatures, blue skies and amenities a-plenty, you’ll find everything you could wish for when it comes to a comfortable yet active getaway with the kids. Situated between Alicante and Valencia, Benidorm is often renowned for its nightlife; but this resort town also boasts balmy beaches and an iconic coastline full of secret coves, rugged mountains and picturesque vistas.

In this post, we will explore three hiking routes that are perfect for families looking to soak up the natural beauty of Benidorm.

Coves Route, Sierra Helada

For a gentle but not-too-short hike in Benidorm, try the Coves Route. As one of many in the glorious protected area of Sierra Helada, this trail takes you on a 5.41 mile loop over rocky headland and past many coves and caves, including the secluded Tio Ximo Cove. With glistening, clear waters and a dainty beach, you can let the kids play here as a break from your hike. The cove has a lifeguard service and is a beautiful spot for the whole family to try snorkelling.

The path along the Coves Route trail is paved (except for the track to the cove), so it’s suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs or bikes if you fancy doing this hike on wheels. As you pass fragrant wild herbs and native fauna and flora, it’s impossible not to enjoy being so close to nature. The hike should take around 2 – 2.5 hours to complete, plus the time you spend playing on the beach and rock-pooling in between walking!

Benidorm Island

While not strictly a hike, who doesn’t enjoy a boat ride? Excite the kids by booking a short ferry to Isla de Benidorm – a stunning island in the middle of the bay just offshore. As a protected nature reserve, this rocky island jutting out from the ocean is home to many bird species, including European storm petrels, peregrine falcons and Sardinian warblers.

You can walk around the island on a short trail that leads up to a small lighthouse, enjoy panoramic views back to the Spanish shoreline, and maybe spot a school of dolphins. The island has an interesting history and has had many names – it was even used as a base for pirates in years gone by.

Algar Waterfalls Nature Trail

Located just over 9 miles from Benidorm, the Algar Waterfalls Nature Trail is a delightful way to explore nature as a family. As you meander through the lush greenery, crossing wooden bridges over the gently flowing river and splashing in shallow, crystal-clear pools, the canopy offers welcome shade. The short trail is just under a mile-long round trip – not too far for little legs to manage.

Of course, the highlight of this easy hike is the Fonts de l’Algar, which is considered one of the most spectacular natural areas in the Valencian Community. The cascades of water fall from between the emerald rocks and create a series of swim-safe pools, complete with diving boards.

Come prepared

All of these easy hikes offer a leisurely pace and scenic adventure for families looking to enjoy the great outdoors together. Remember to bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent and spare clothes for the little ones – and encourage children to stay on the designated paths and respect the stunning natural environment of Benidorm.

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